Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving to New York City

Hello friends,
Sorry I have been a bit disconnected lately but there has been many great changes and I want to re-start again my reach and keep you updated on what's happening in my life.
Kate and I have decided to move our family to Manhattan in New York.  Though we leave the great city of Seattle with heavy hearts we are also excited at the many opportunities that we will find in one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world.  
As I reflect on my time here in Seattle I feel thankful for the many relationships we have built here.  When I came here from Peru I was not sure what to expect.  My first thoughts were of iconic music, gray clouds, and gortex covered people running to escape the rain and cold.  While these characteristics were certainly present, I also found warm friendly people always willing to welcome me into their homes.  I met supportive public officials and personalities and was overcome with the beauty of a landscape that can only be described as paradise.
While Peru is the place where I call home, Washington state will remain ever present as a foundational place in my life.  It is the city where I married my wife, where my beautiful little girl was born, and the place where I first placed skis on my feet.
The Roberto Carcelén Foundation will remain based in Seattle and I look forward to visiting here often.  Our foundation is a global effort and I feel that New York City is a great place for me to continue to raise awareness for the foundation’s mission and networking.  I will continue to travel from New York to Seattle and Peru and I am excited at the many opportunities that await us here.
As we get situated in this new adventure, we'll be updating you more often. Until then... 
Take care.
Your friend
City living


Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Flag by Yirim Seck Feat Phillip Hines



Seattle musicians write a song inspired by the Olympic Story of Peruvian skier Roberto Carcelen.

What was done by Peruvian skier Roberto Carcelen at the last Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 inspired Seattle Hip Hop stars Yirim Seck and Phillip Hines to tell Carcelen's story through a song.

My Flag is the name of the theme that recalls the moment that, despite his painful injuries, Roberto reached the goal of crossing the finish line and respectfully carrying the Peruvian flag in his hands.

"When I met Roberto I realized that he had a vision, a very large one by demonstrating a powerful message of never giving up. All this effort is now reflected in the Foundation Roberto directs "said Seck.

Seck and Hines will include their creation in their repertoire for their upcoming shows and will also donate downloads of this song to The Roberto Carcelen Foundation.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation provides children in Latin America with overcoming opportunities through education in Computer Science, English proficiency and sports.

"My flag" is available on iTunes and is free in the Latin American market. The video of the song will be released in April announced Seck. For now, enjoy it here

Press inquiries:

Roberto Carcelen Foundation:

Karen Laitman – USA
Luis Rosales – Perú

Yirim Seck: - USA 

Friday, February 13, 2015

-Nota de Prensa-
Para su difusión inmediata

Estrella de Rock internacional lanza canción inspirada en historia de Peruano Roberto Carcelen. 

Seattle, WA 13 de Febrero 2015. Iconos Estadounidenses de la música rap Yirim Seck y Phillip Hines presentaron el día de hoy en la ciudad de Seattle, Washington su nueva pieza musical llamada “The Flag” (“Mi Bandera” ) inspirada en la historia olímpica de nuestro compatriota Roberto Carcelén. 

La música cubre la historia desde Carcelén se convirtió el primer peruano en clasificar a los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno hasta el momento en que cruza la línea de meta con la bandera peruana en mano, historia que se convirtió en un símbolo mundial de determinación e inspiración.  

"Cuando conocí la historia de Roberto, me di cuenta que él (Roberto) tenía una visión y un rol muy grande y protagónico llevando un mensaje muy poderoso de rendirse jamás. Y todo eso esfuerzo se ve reflejado en la Fundación que Roberto dirige" Seck agregó 

Seck y Hines incluirán el tema en su repertorio en sus presentaciones próximas y donarán las descargas de esta canción a la Fundación Roberto Carcelen.  

El tema “My flag” está disponible en ITunes y es gratis para el mercado latinoamericano y se puede escuchar aquí.  El video de la música se desarrollara en el mes de abril anunció el represéntate de Seck

Prensa Roberto Carcelen Foundation: Karen Laitman – USA                                                                    
Luis Rosales – Peru
Prensa Yirim Seck:          - USA 


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

La Hora de Codigo

-Nota de Prensa-
Para su difusión inmediata

La Fundación Roberto Carcelen y unen esfuerzos este Diciembre 8-14 para llevar el programa llamado “Una Hora de Código” a más de 100 millones de personas. Este esfuerzo tiene muchos impulsadores como Microsoft,  Presidente de los Estados Unidos Barack Obama, Bill Gates , artistas como Shakira, Ashton Kutcher. En el Peru artistas, deportistas destacados y políticos expresaran su voz en un video que la Fundación RC hará público la primera semana de Diciembre.
El programa “Una Hora de Código” es una introducción a lenguajes de programación y tiene como objetivo concientizar acerca del poder que tiene la educación en ciencias informáticas transformando sociedades y países como una solución de desarrollo asi como desmitificar la programación y demostrar que cualquiera puede aprender los conceptos básicos.
Cualquier institución, escuela, universidad o persona natural puede inscribirse para participar y practicar este curso introductorio al código, desde casa, colegio, teléfono Mobile inteligente o desde una cabina de internet.
La Fundación Roberto Carcelen tiene como misión brindar oportunidades de desarrollo a niños y jóvenes por intermedio de educación en lenguaje de programación y la práctica de deportes. Roberto Carcelen, Director Ejecutivo de RCF asegura que la combinación de acceso a educación y disciplina (de la práctica deportiva) son una formula poderosa de éxito y desarrollo.
Las inscripciones y cursos pueden ser encontradas en
Banner promocional adjunto. Contactar Sra. Evelyn Gamarra (Gerenta de Operacion RCF LatAM) para más información via email


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

RCF Gala- Post Press Release

On October 3rd, The Roberto Carcelen Foundation held its first annual charity gala at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, WA.  The sold out event was attended by several local and international personalities including members of local media, business owners, artists, and political officials from the US, Peru and Latin America.  
The fundamental aim of the Roberto Carcelen Foundation is to develop programs for children in the US and Latin America centered in computer science and athletics.  The goal of this gala was to foster awareness of the foundation’s mission and raise funds to kick start projects here in the State of Washington and in Peru.  
The Roberto Carcelen Foundation is grateful for the partnership and support announced with The Seattle International Foundation. The SIF has been instrumental in providing guidance and support and will be matching the donations received on the night of the gala.
Attendees to the gala were presented with an emotionally touching short film titled, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” created by local Seattle startup Churro Media.  The film followed RCF’s founder as he traveled to Cusco, Peru.  
RCF was honored to welcome keynote addresses from journalist Allen Schauffler and RCF’s Executive Director Roberto Carcelen.
The evening was complete with a silent auction, dinner, Pisco tasting, live music and a performance of Opera Arias by Seattle opera singer Dan McGraw.
Special thanks to Churro Media, Grupo Bestow, Eagan Family Charitable Fund, The Seattle International Foundation, Pisco Porton, and the RCF team for making this evening possible.

The foundation is excited to announce that members of the RCF team will be attending the Microsoft Education Global Forum next month in Miami. 
Please look forward to updates regarding the foundation’s work in the near future.
Todo es Posible!

The Venue
Keynote speaker TV figure. Mr. Allen Schauffler
Mr. Roberto Carcelen, congresswoman Republic of Peru Leyla Chihuan, Rep. Luis Moscoso, Rep. Brady Walkinshaw

Rapper Yirim Seck - Roberto Carcelen
Leadership breakfast -on gala day- hosted by Mr.Roberto Carcelen


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Press Release Roberto Carcelen Foundation Gala.


The Roberto Carcelen Foundation celebrates their 1st Annual Gala

Come and share an evening of inspiration and help build a future for our neighboring young people in Latin America and Washington State.

Seattle, WA – The Roberto Carcelen Foundation (RCF) will be hosting a Celebrity Gala the 3rd of October at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington. This gala has been organized to communicate the foundation’s purpose to the community.  The Roberto Carcelen Foundation is working tirelessly to promote educational programs in Latin America and in the U.S. 
Hosted by TV personality Allen Schauffler, the evening will be honored to present a delegation of Peruvian dignitaries, local political figures, and notable members of Seattle’s Community
During this Gala, you will hear about the programs being developed focused on education in technology, English proficiency, and Olympic sports values. The foundation aims to equip children with the tools they need to achieve success.  RCF believes that the promotion of diverse education will deliver life-changing growth for both students and their communities.

RCF’s founder Roberto Carcelen, a Seattle resident, will provide an inspirational perspective on the power of overcoming adversity.  Carcelen will explain how his own personal journey as Peru’s first winter Olympian inspired him to start this foundation.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation would like to thank its main sponsor the Eagan Family Charitable Fund for the support they have provided for this event.  RCF would also like to thank Grupo Bestow and Churro Media for their kind patronage in making this gala possible.

For ticket sales, sponsorship or press inquiries contact: Ticket office 


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yes, Todo es posible!

My apologies for the lack of postings lately, but getting the foundation off the ground is taking all my time. The commitment to start helping others can not wait. We need to aid the ones in need immediately and the soonest the foundation gets revenue (and a lot of it) the more lives that we can provide a future.
Fortunately, we have a very passion and committed team working almost full time to make the dreams of others come through. If you are interested in volunteering and help with operational on/off site efforts please contact us.
My consulting company Grupo Bestow has been playing a main role to provide funding to the Foundation. So far GB has donated more than 15k to cover the startup costs of the RCF. The GB partners have agreed to allocate immediately a large percentage of the profits towards the foundation's fundraising needs.
The Foundation has been registered, the board structure is now in place and can't be more than happy with the members I suggested to form our board.
I'm happy to announced our chair: Jossie Tirado, a bright talented professional and co-worker at Microsoft and with a enormous commitment to social change. Jossie was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S to attend school.
Our first gala date is now set and made public. It will be held at the Seattle Athletic Club on October 3rd and only 100 guests will be invited to attend to live this unforgettable night for a change.
Networking and reach out has been a great move to get our foundation mission statement out. The Seattle community is very aware of our mission statement and very eager to support it.
The motivational speeches have played a key role on promoting the foundation goals and we leverage every single opportunity to evangelize our mission.

Part of the board members


Our operations team

Todo es posible friends in India