Thursday, March 27, 2014

We come one.

Things' been great since I returned to Seattle. I have been so busy spreading the love I received from Peruvians and fundraise through my foundation. This funding will allow me to return to Peru and wide spread my message to all corners, support local economies and train other public figures on social outreach. The feedback from U.S community it's been great.
The work done in Peru through engagement talks empowers people and graphically teach through entrepreneurship how to achieve goals and beat adversity such as financial, social, gender. It brings hope and a clear path to find their way out.
Some U.S corporations and public institutions are inviting me to tell my story as well. This powerful message applies to all regardless social or financial status, everyone gets direct benefit and inspiration from it.
One of the nicest talks went to Microsoft Online Store. (The team I work for) Through the course of an hour I got to deliver my Olympic experience and inspire a whole team in the process.
The Microsoft Team surprised me with hundreds of nice cotton T-shirts to help spread the message with the image of Roberto Carcelen crossing the finish line in the front, 'Todo es Posible' and robertocarcelen.og website in the back and Microsoft logo in the arm . Thank you Microsoft!

With the team

Todo es Posible Ts


Thursday, March 20, 2014

What an impact!

Crossing the finish line at the 15km cross country ski race in Sochi 2014 not only changed my life but automatically transformed the life of millions around the world, Peruvians among them.

Making the decision to compete despite my injuries really made a huge impact on many people’s lives. I was anticipating my story making an impact, but not to the degree in which it did.

Messages started to pour in through Facebook, emails and press reviews. Messages from hopeless people telling me that this story had changed their lives. Many wrote, “I have a reason to live” and “We all cried as you crossed the finish line.” Messages came in not by the dozens, not by the hundreds but they came in by the thousands.

All these responses indicated to me that there was a lack of positive role models for Peruvians.  They were crying for help, for a need of hope and my story seemed to fill a void as it provided a solid example of winning over adversity.

Because of this I decided to change my flight itinerary and go down to Peru before returning to Seattle. My thought was to use this momentum and deliver my story personally to those who really needed a message of hope.

On February 25th I left Russia for Peru where I arrived 22 hours later at 7 AM. As I was coming out Lima’s airport baggage claim I was moved by the hundreds of people waiting for me and welcoming me to Peru.

That scene almost brought me to tears. These were people that had to leave their homes for the airport very early and take public transportation during rush hour.  This first contact really opened my eyes and confirmed that my purpose in life changed when I decided to compete injured.

For the next three weeks my days went as planned with lots of interviews and meetings with Peruvian politicians, CEOs and other leaders to understand their views of Peru.

However, the most rewarding experience came from delivering my message to the ones in need for hope.

Through NGOs, churches and community leaders I was asked to speak to people who are extremely poor and literally have nothing. They were well aware of who I was and what I did. The way these people admire  you and listen to every word you say is just incredible. They want to know desperately how to make it out of their condition. The look in their eyes is simply heartbreaking but expressive and full of love and gratitude to personally hear what kind of opportunities are possible. I saw God.

I'm back the States doing fundraising in order to reach out to more people in need of hope. I will be back in Peru soon.  


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back to Washington State

'Everything is Possible'
These last three weeks have been amazing to say the least.
The social work done has been so gratifying and confirms the thousands of emails and messages I received from people literally crying for help.
I have experienced live how this message impacted positively the life of hundreds of persons that attended my presentations.
I have also received great official recognition by the Congress of the Republic of Peru and by The Washington State Senate in the United States of America acknowledging the importance of my story and work done so far. This is very encouraging.
Now, I'm going back to Seattle where I have schedule to personally deliver my message through several presentations at all social levels.
Estas tres últimas semanas han sido increíble por decir lo menos.

La labor social completada hasta este momento ha sido tan gratificante y confirma los miles de correos electrónicos y mensajes que he recibido de la gente literalmente, gritando por ayuda.

He experimentado en vivo y en directo cómo este mensaje a impactado positivamente la vida de cientos de personas que asistieron a mis presentaciones.

También he recibido un homenaje official por parte de el Congreso de la República del Perú y por el Senado del Estado de Washington en los Estados Unidos de America quienes reconocen la importancia de mi historia y mi trabajo.

Ahora, regreso Seattle donde tengo programado presentationes donde llevo personalmente mi mensaje a todos los niveles sociales y a quienes lo necesitan.
Pero estare de regreso muy pronto en el Peru y con mas ayuda para seguir con mi trabajo de desarrollo social.

Gracias a todos.

At the Congress of the Republic of Peru

Presentation in a low income community

Signing autographs to young promising athletes

Washington State Resolution fragment. Full resolution here


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Changing Lives

It has been 5 days since I arrived in Peru and I can only state that every single yard of racing at the Winter Olympics in massive pain was a 1000% worth it.

The welcoming to Peru has been overwhelming and life changing.
The feedback I received after the Olympics was just breathtaking. Messages from people in tears telling me that my story gave them a reason to live, sets me up for a long time commitment to keep inspiring the one in need of hope.
My goal is to get the message out to every single corner in Peru on how achieving your dreams against adversity elements such as poverty, discrimination, gender, etc.
Media has been playing a key role to spread the word. I have been giving at least twelve interviews daily to all main media channels here in Peru.
All these media coverage helps, but the bottom line here must be achieved through field work and by personally delivering the message to the ones in need. So, I have been visiting communities located in the periphery of Lima. These are very poor sections is desperate need for hope and guidance. new website will be launching on March 7th here in Lima in a public event to be held in local hotel. The new face will provide besides an informational blog, shortcuts to the latest ongoing projects and finally a link to support this program through your donations. Yes, all this current work has been financially supported out of my own pocket, an incredible team of volunteers and by donations coming from motivational presentations that I have been giving to some corporations.

Airport welcoming

Press Conference

Press Conference

Sports for all closing ceremony

Delivering the message to the ones in need

Closing sports for all event.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Llegaré a Lima el Martes 25, 7am

Queridos compatriotas,

Quiero agradecer a todos ustedes desde mi Corazón por tus palabras hacia mi y el Perú.

Historia como estas nos llenan de patriotismo y nos dan el ejemplo de como salir adelante, pero sobre todo nos une en un solo pa...ís.

Voy al Perú, voy a agradecerte personalmente y a empezar a trabajar desde ya. Es por eso que mientras más personas se sientan inspiradas por mis logros, mas posibilidades de superación pueden tener y que a pesar de las dificultades (de cualquier tipo) nunca te des por vencido.

Quiero dedicarme a entregar personalmemte este mensaje a quienes lo necesiten.

¿Que áreas tu crees que yo debería visitar y que necesiten este mensaje de inspiración?
Estaré solo 10 días esta primera vez, pero dedicaré todo mi tiempo a llegar a más personas con este mensaje.

Un abrazo.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Final countdown.

Tomorrow is the big day, the moment of truth, the race day.
Tomorrow around 2pm I should be starting the 15 km classic style race. It is going to be (as I mentioned before) a long and painful ordeal.
In normal conditions this would be one of my favorite races courses, it is a piece of art, but given my injuries and now that I caught a cold, this has became a test of survival, one single fall can make the injuries worst or finish my skiing career earlier than the closing ceremony.
I have been interviewed by at least 12 media broadcasters, in the last 3 days. They general question is: why? "Why putting yourself in such a risk when not doing it should be just fine" 
I can only say:" this is a great opportunity to shine light on children (or everyone) that need a good role model, a good example, a inspiring story" "quitting is not an option"
A good friend of mine quote in an email yesterday:
"In 100 years, your great, great grand children will talk about your story when they are parents themselves.  That is true responsibility, but empowerment." George McGehrin
I'm very grateful for your support and for getting me where I am right now. This is going to be great for Peru and our community! God bless you!



Monday, February 10, 2014

Ceremonia de Apertura Sochi 2014/ Opening Ceremony


Nos reunimos todo el equipo Peruano a las 5 pm para luego tomar el autobús al estadio de la Ceremonia de inauguración, ubicado a 45 minutos de la montaña, en la ciudad costera de Adler.

Nos subimos al bus ( uno de los al menos 200 buses disponibles para llevar a los atletas ahora a la ceremonia) y salimos hacia Adler. Compartimos nuestro viaje en autobús con algunos de los miembros del equipo de Bulgaria, Rumania y Suiza.

Personalmente el viaje no era demasiado agradable ya que a marearme y, además, la temperatura ambiente era como 24 grados Centigrados ( F 80 ), pero, de alguna manera me las arreglé para llegar en buen estado.

Llegamos a la zona de formación y caminamos hacia el siguiente estadio, ubicado al costado del estadio principal en donde nos alineamos alfabéticamente ( según el alfabeto ruso ) Polonia y Paraguay estaban al lado de nosotros.

Nos movíamos constantemente y lentamente hacia el estadio ceremonia. Sabía por experiencia propia que serían por lo menos 90 minutos desde ese punto hasta el inicio de la marcha , pero la mayoría de la gente no lo sabía y se podía ver fácilmente la emoción en sus rostros. Mi equipo estaba tranquilo y reflexivo

Finalmente , estábamos a 5 minutos de entrar al estadio , se podía oír a la multitud apoyando a los equipos mientras caminaban el estadio.
Paraguay ( primera vez en los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno ) salio. Eramos los siguientes en salir.

Un asistente del COI se acercó a mí y me dio la blanquiroja . Me di la vuelta y vi a mi las caras de mi compañeros de equipo, y eso no tiene precio! Estaban nerviosos y entusiasmados a mas no poder.

Y entramos al estadio mientras el comentarista nos presentó : "Aquí está el Perú" mi corazón comenzó a latir que sentía que iba a estallar, muchos recuerdos de Perú , mi familia y Peruanos me vinieron a la mente mientras pensaba que millones estaban viendo Perú ser el centro de la atención .
Gracias a todos por hacer que esto suceda , ha sido más que un honor para mi abrir una puerta para el Perú. Tenemos que seguir creciendo a partir de ahora .

 We gathered all together at 5pm to then take the designated bus to the Opening ceremony stadium located  45 minutes down the mountain away in the town of Adler.
We load up (one of the at least 200 buses available to take the athletes now to the ceremony) and left for Adler.
We shared our bus ride with some of the team members of Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland.
Personally the ride wasn’t too pleasant as I tend to easily get car sick and besides, the room temperature was in the 20’s (80’s F) although,  I managed to somehow make it down the twisted road.
We arrived the drop off area and walk out to the next door stadium where we lined up alphabetically (according to Russian alphabet) Poland and Paraguay were next to us.
We were constantly moving towards the ceremony stadium. I knew by experience that it would take at least 90 minutes from that point to the start of our march, but the main group of people didn’t know that and you can easily see their excitement in their faces. My team were quiet and thoughtful. I really enjoyed of their excitement the minutes leading walking into the opening ceremony.
Finally we were 5 minutes from walking in, you could hear the crowds cheering on the teams as they walked in. Paraguay (first time ever in the Winter Olympics) went off. We were next!
An IOC assistant approached to me and handle the red and white Peruvian flag. I turned around and saw my team mates faces, priceless! They were as excite and nervous as they can get.
And we went off and up the wide ramp as the commentator presented us, “here is Peru” my heart started pumping up like crazy and again lots of memories about Peru, my family and supporters flashed in mi mind. I was thinking many millions were watching Peru being the center of the attention. Thank you all of you for making this happen, it has been more than an honor to open a door for Peru. We need to keep growing from this point on.
Panorama view of the Stadium

Olympic Mascots coming out.


Lining up, en Fila
Ceremonia de Bienvenida dias antes.