Saturday, September 6, 2014

Press Release Roberto Carcelen Foundation Gala.


The Roberto Carcelen Foundation celebrates their 1st Annual Gala

Come and share an evening of inspiration and help build a future for our neighboring young people in Latin America and Washington State.

Seattle, WA – The Roberto Carcelen Foundation (RCF) will be hosting a Celebrity Gala the 3rd of October at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington. This gala has been organized to communicate the foundation’s purpose to the community.  The Roberto Carcelen Foundation is working tirelessly to promote educational programs in Latin America and in the U.S. 
Hosted by TV personality Allen Schauffler, the evening will be honored to present a delegation of Peruvian dignitaries, local political figures, and notable members of Seattle’s Community
During this Gala, you will hear about the programs being developed focused on education in technology, English proficiency, and Olympic sports values. The foundation aims to equip children with the tools they need to achieve success.  RCF believes that the promotion of diverse education will deliver life-changing growth for both students and their communities.

RCF’s founder Roberto Carcelen, a Seattle resident, will provide an inspirational perspective on the power of overcoming adversity.  Carcelen will explain how his own personal journey as Peru’s first winter Olympian inspired him to start this foundation.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation would like to thank its main sponsor the Eagan Family Charitable Fund for the support they have provided for this event.  RCF would also like to thank Grupo Bestow and Churro Media for their kind patronage in making this gala possible.

For ticket sales, sponsorship or press inquiries contact: Ticket office 


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yes, Todo es posible!

My apologies for the lack of postings lately, but getting the foundation off the ground is taking all my time. The commitment to start helping others can not wait. We need to aid the ones in need immediately and the soonest the foundation gets revenue (and a lot of it) the more lives that we can provide a future.
Fortunately, we have a very passion and committed team working almost full time to make the dreams of others come through. If you are interested in volunteering and help with operational on/off site efforts please contact us.
My consulting company Grupo Bestow has been playing a main role to provide funding to the Foundation. So far GB has donated more than 15k to cover the startup costs of the RCF. The GB partners have agreed to allocate immediately a large percentage of the profits towards the foundation's fundraising needs.
The Foundation has been registered, the board structure is now in place and can't be more than happy with the members I suggested to form our board.
I'm happy to announced our chair: Jossie Tirado, a bright talented professional and co-worker at Microsoft and with a enormous commitment to social change. Jossie was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the U.S to attend school.
Our first gala date is now set and made public. It will be held at the Seattle Athletic Club on October 3rd and only 100 guests will be invited to attend to live this unforgettable night for a change.
Networking and reach out has been a great move to get our foundation mission statement out. The Seattle community is very aware of our mission statement and very eager to support it.
The motivational speeches have played a key role on promoting the foundation goals and we leverage every single opportunity to evangelize our mission.

Part of the board members


Our operations team

Todo es posible friends in India

Friday, June 27, 2014

Long week

It was a long week indeed! a lot done that makes that keeps my motivation engine running strong.
We are getting so close to our goals that is getting the Roberto Carcelen Foundation off start changing lives.
Our first fundraising event is insight and thanks to my amazing team we are expecting a fun event but most importantly a large giving outcome.
The RCF fundraising will be held at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) the night of October 3rd. 
It will start silent auction networking event followed by live auction dinner.
Email us if you like to attend at

The Seattle Art Museum current exhibition Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: The Mythic and the Mystical is highly recommended.
As SAM members we get to attend the opening celebration of the exhibit and listen to Curator Patricia Junker and Virginia Wright  given a comprehensive talk about the history and influences of a group the artists of the Pacific NW, last century.

The best way to spread the word out is through media channels and television is still being effective.
Actitud Latina is a television show airing on Azteca America TV and super popular in the latino and Hispanic community in the NW.
I was invited to talk about my story and how it is empowering millions through inspiration and a taking action attitude.
This and other shows can be tuned: Comcast 349, dish/directv 45,frontier 480

Monday, June 9, 2014

Real people.

When growing up I don't remember of role models coming to our schools and giving engagement speeches or motivational talks.
I remember our parents being our immediate role models and they were always talking to us, but a more representative figure was missing. We always related to soccer athletes, and TV personalities but they look to far and un reachable.
It is very rewarding for me to recall and acknowledged those years and being able to inspire my audiences with excitement and parts of my story that will stay in the back of their head of the these children. Also, the chance of meeting someone that is as real a they are capable to do whatever dream set off and visualized their self doing the same.



Friday, May 23, 2014


One of the most rewarding actions in life is giving. The pleasure of giving is endless and nothing can beat it.
This week I had the chance to give some speeches at 4 different events to 4 different types of audiences and what really propels my engine to keep rolling is the engagement that you get from people and how my story affects their lives and puts a light in their eyes.

In the words of my friend and mentor, Michel Laitman:
" Love is characterized by giving. I love – means I give; I enjoy from pleasing the other. How could it be that I please the other? What do I please him with? With my attitude toward him. How can he receive pleasure from me? Only if he loves me. In this case, if I relate to him with love, he receives pleasure from it. However, if I don’t love him, I will perceive his good attitude toward me as hatred, and this will push me away from him even more."

Peru for all, all for Peru
My 6 Y.O engaged and love helping at my talks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Getting it done!

This was another super busy week.
The main focused was to secure our board of directors and set the date for our first fundraising event.
I'm happy with our board members selection, their passion for helping others and compromising with The Roberto Carcelen Foundation mission and vision statement.
Our committed super board member is formed by:

Paul Bragiel - i/o Ventures
Jossie Tirado – Microsoft Corporation
Kevin Egan – Microsoft Corporation
Dave Cook – Engineers without borders.
Antonio Sanchez- WA State Attorney
Rosario Arias – Plaza Bank
Jeremy Shuman – Sight Life
With some of the Roberto Carcelen Foundation board members.
Father Stephen Sundborg, president of the Seattle University hosted a nice lunch to six of us at the Seattle U campus. He's a man that drives a great sense of humor, compassion and wisdom. You don't get to meet this level of human beings on daily basis. Thank you Father Sundborg!

Seattle University Lunch
The Martinez foundation established The Martinez Foundation in 2008 by Baseball star and local celebrity Edgar Martinez and his wife Holly hosted their annual MF fundraising event at the Husky Stadium club. In a nicely organized party the Foundation raised almost a quarter million dollars! Viva Martinez!
I spoke with Edgar about having him as a guest honor at our first Roberto Carcelen Foundation fundraiser in October.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Awesome week.

Peru  had a great presence at the WW Coffee Convention organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Peru had one of the largest booth where coffee producers from different regions of the country shown their best coffee based products to the event attendees.
Later on a reception organized by PromPeru (through the trade representative in the West Coast) was held at local hotel in downtown Seattle.
The 24th Cinco de Mayo party at the Colombia Tower Club was great organized and speaks well timed. It was a great opportunity to interact with other fellow Latino leaders from the state.
Rosario Arias de Carroll, a Peruvian born, important Latino banker and leader and a great friend was awarded with the SBA Financial Services Champion of the Year by the SBA, in a nice gala event held at the Museum of flight (first time visiting this museum).
Rosario gave a magnificence speech about unity, passion and commitment with the community. She finished up her speech with a good and loud "Viva el Peru".
Couple of days ago I delivered an online (over Skype) key note in an event organized by La Universidad del Pacifico en Lima, Peru for their athletics program division.
The Universidad del Pacifico business school is ranked among the best universities in Latina America.
This great event was nicely coordinated by Yoannie Solis, UP athletics program manager. The presentation took about 25 minutes including a nice and interactive QA session.

Universidad del Pacifico Presentation

Coffee reception Party w Mayor of Villa Rica - Peru

Peru coffee booth

With WA Sate Governor Jay Inslee
With the winner!

Rosario receiving SBA award and giving speech.