Interview with Public Radio - Broken Heart #robertocarcelen

Interview with Public Radio - Broken Heart #robertocarcelen

Roberto Carcelen was the first Peruvian to ever compete in the Winter Olympics. But just ten days before his second Winter Olympics, the cross-country skier fell while practicing, suffering major injuries. He decided to ski anyway, and inspired a country in the process.

My Flag

Seattle musicians write a song inspired by the Olympic Story of Peruvian skier Roberto Carcelen.

What was done by Peruvian skier Roberto Carcelen at the last Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 inspired Seattle Hip Hop stars Yirim Seck and Phillip Hines to tell Carcelen's story through a song.

My Flag is the name of the theme that recalls the moment that, despite his painful injuries, Roberto reached the goal of crossing the finish line and respectfully carrying the Peruvian flag in his hands.

"When I met Roberto I realized that he had a vision, a very large one by demonstrating a powerful message of never giving up. All this effort is now reflected in the Foundation Roberto directs "said Seck.

Seck and Hines will include their creation in their repertoire for their upcoming shows and will also donate downloads of this song to The Roberto Carcelen Foundation.

The Roberto Carcelen Foundation provides children in Latin America with overcoming opportunities through education in Computer Science, English proficiency and sports.

"My flag" is available on iTunes or enjoy it here

Yirim Seck: 


Esta publicacion recolectó y con precisión mi historia olímpica como tambien la personal. 

Hace unos meses en los Estados Unidos, la revista online en tecnología Geekwire publicó una entrevista muy completa que relata mi viaje de principio a fin. 

Esta última publicacion del Rincón Olímpico esta escrita en castellano.

Pueden ver la nota completa en el siguiente link


New York City

Sorry I have been a bit disconnected lately but there has been many great changes and I want to re-start again my reach and keep you updated on what's happening in my life.

Kate and I have decided to move our family to Manhattan in New York.  Though we leave the great city of Seattle with heavy hearts we are also excited at the many opportunities that we will find in one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world.  

Favorite place, Metropolitan Opera house. Attending 2 performances at week, is that too much?

As I reflect on my time here in Seattle I feel thankful for the many relationships we have built here.  When I came here from Peru I was not sure what to expect.  My first thoughts were of iconic music, gray clouds, and gortex covered people running to escape the rain and cold.  While these characteristics were certainly present, I also found warm friendly people always willing to welcome me into their homes.  I met supportive public officials and personalities and was overcome with the beauty of a landscape that can only be described as paradise.

While Peru is the place where I call home, Washington state will remain ever present as a foundational place in my life.  It is the city where I married my wife, where my beautiful little girl was born, and the place where I first placed skis on my feet.

The Roberto Carcelén Foundation will remain based in Seattle and I look forward to visiting here often.  Our foundation is a global effort and I feel that New York City is a great place for me to continue to raise awareness for the foundation’s mission and networking.  I will continue to travel from New York to Seattle and Peru and I am excited at the many opportunities that await us here.

As we get situated in this new adventure, we'll be updating you more often. Until then... 

Take care.

Your friend